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ENERCON’s experienced air quality professionals provide comprehensive analysis of technological and regulatory compliance concerns to assist our clients in planning, permitting, monitoring, designing, operating, and maintaining their air quality programs. By providing customized and cost effective solutions that ensure optimum operations, we are able to assist in strategic planning for both short term and long term business goals.

Air Quality Monitoring and Exposure Assessment

  1. ENERCON’s engineers and scientists have considerable experience in the operation and maintenance of a variety of gaseous and particulate monitors. Our team has designed and executed complex air measurement campaigns to tackle pressing air quality issues.

  2. Exposure assessment is a multi-step process that includes identification, characterization, estimation, and evaluation. ENERCON researchers have developed innovative exposure assessment methodologies to help policymakers formulate control strategies that reduce exposure to harmful air contaminants in our cities.

Air Permitting and Compliance Services

  1. New Source Review (NSR) 
  2. Title V permitting
  3. Air Quality Dispersion Modeling
  4. NSPS/NESHAP/MACT Compliance Support
  5. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management
  6. Emission Calculations and Emission Inventories
  7. Pollution Control Device Selection
  8. Design and Regulatory Support
  9. Risk Management Plan Development
  10. Air Quality Training
  11. Permitting Strategy Analysis
  12. Permits-By-Rule
  13. Litigation Support

Air Quality Modeling

  1. ENERCON staff have the experience and expertise in conducting numerous air quality modeling projects throughout the U.S. on projects related to state health effects review, minor and major new source review and federal operating permits. Our dispersion modeling expertise includes AERMOD, ISCST3, CALPUFF, HARP, FLEXPART. Additionally, we have experience in photochemical modeling (CAMx/CMAQ).

Air Quality Data Analysis

  1. Ambient data analysis uses measured air quality and statistical analysis procedures to identify sources of air pollutants at receptor locations. Other common uses of ambient data analysis include retrospective evaluation of control strategies and evaluation of the quality of emission inventories. 

  2. ENERCON’s atmospheric scientists have considerable experience meeting clients’ needs with U.S. EPA data analysis tools including Chemical Mass Balance (CMB), Unmix, and Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF). They have also published numerous articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  Ambient data analysis techniques can also be used in combination with photochemical models for identifying sources that impact air quality throughout a region.

Air Quality Research

  1. ENERCON’s staff have engaged in developing a variety air quality research projects that complement state and federal agencies in State Implementation Plan development. These projects range from ambient data analysis, complex field-measurement campaigns and emission control strategy assessments.

Software Development

  1. Experienced ENERCON air quality professionals can help design customized, project specific software utilizing technologies such as MS Access databases, MS Excel spreadsheets and Python for emssions tracking, compliance tracking, and management.  For MS Office based applications (including Access database, and Excel spreadsheets), we utilize Visual Basic codes/macros. These solutions provide data collection and notification features, as well as complex calculations and report formatting.

Computation Fluid Dynamic Modeling

  1. Computational fluid dynamics can be used effectively in design of air pollution control equipment, flow path modeling, particle dynamics modeling in an intake system to pipeline erosion modeling.

  2. ENERCON staff has the expertise and experience in conducting CFD modeling specifically for multi-phase systems that includes liquid, gas and solid phases.

Leak Detection and Repair

  1. ENERCON has experience with Method 21 and FLIR cameras (smart LDAR). Experienced in development and execution of LDAR programs for oil and gas industries located in several states across the country.

For MS Office based applications (including access database, Excel Spreadsheet), we Uutilizeing Visual Basic codes/macros. (in MS Office), tThese solutions provide data collection and notification features, as well as complex calculations and report formatting.