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ENERCON helps you protect your most critical assets, your company, and your reputation against threat of people who want to do harm to you and your customers.  

ENERCON goes further than most other service providers for an added level of protection.  While others simply bring system engineering to a project, we can go beyond the typical by combining cyber security services with programming, configuration, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and more to make all systems work together.  

Cyber Security projects are performed by seasoned ENERCON professionals who engage with you to mitigate and manage your cyber security risks.  Our cyber team possess CISSP certifications, Critical Group and CSAT qualifications, and extensive experience working to NEI-08-9, RG 5.71, NEI-13-10, NEI-10-04 and NIST 800-53.  For our power plant clients, we are actively engaged on the NEI Cyber Security Task Force.

Cyber Security Program Enhancement and Support

  1. ENERCON has significant experience delivering a wide variety of cyber security solutions including:

    1. Assessments and Screenings
    2. Network Remediation Design
    3. Component and System Testing
    4. Development and Updates of Program Procedures and Related Training
    5. Program Reviews for Compliance and Sustainability
    6. Security Controls Implementation Strategy (SCIS) Development 
    7. Integration Support to Commercially Available Cyber Security Assessment Management Solutions  
    8. Gap Analysis to Determine Implementation Issues - before they become bigger problems

Cyber Security Compliance

  1. As regulations evolve to protect data, ENERCON can help clients, regardless of industry, assess compliance with current and emerging regulations.  Services include:

    1. Preparation of Scoping Studies - to align projects with the requirements of 10 CFR 73.54
    2. Cyber Security Assessments - for both direct and indirect critical digital assets (CDA)
    3. NIST 800-53 and Cobit 5 policy reviews, and cyber security compliance audits
    4. Creation of alternate controls to assist clients to reduce costs associated with cyber security compliance

Information Technology Services

  1. ENERCON IT services start with cyber security and focuses on what our clients need to accomplish for overall operations.  ENERCON can design, integrate, harden, optimize, diagnose, deploy, and document your IT-related projects with a level of comprehension and detail that is unique to ENERCON for the industries that we serve.  At ENERCON we are fortunate to have a staff that can provide complete enterprise-class IT solutions from cradle to the grave. 

  2. ENERCON solutions include projects delivered on standard and specialty platforms and vendors, including, but are not limited to:

    1. Networks including:
      1. Firewalls
      2. IDS/IPS
      3. Routers
      4. Switches
      5. WLAN
    1. SAN
    2. WOIP
    3. AAA and Identity Services
    4. Infrastructure Monitoring
    5. Application Support
    6. Database Programming Support
    7. Virtualization
    8. Server Platforms

Digital Engineering

  1. When replacing analogue systems with digital, or upgrading existing digital systems, our Digital Design team collaborates with our cyber security team to orchestrate and move through the design process to document and incorporate cyber requirements in the modification packages to ensure compliance and protection.  

  2. We offer modification services for your Critical Digital Assets (CDA) that include:

    1. CDA Assessment
    2. Security Device Configuration
    3. Testing Services, including authoring and executing detailed test procedures to demonstrate cyber security requirement compliance
    4. Licensing Support Services for Nuclear Facilities  

  3. We can support you with many digital design modifications, including:

    1. Distributed Control Systems
    2. Plant Process Computer Systems
    3. Security Computer Systems
    4. Development of Functional and Hardware Requirements

NRC Pre-Inspection Support for Nuclear Facilities

  1. ENERCON and our wholly-owned subsidiary Talisman International provide in-depth Cyber Security Program reviews in support of nuclear generating stations prepare for Milestone 8 inspections.  Our team is able to provide you the perspective from the incoming inspector as our Talisman personnel include several former Nuclear Regulatory Commission executives, program managers and inspectors working in Nuclear Security, Cyber Technology, and Regulatory Affairs.

  2. ENERCON performs a pre-inspection of your cyber security program as the NRC inspectors would to identify gaps and deficiencies in the program and or documentation that the NRC is likely to flag.  We are also able to perform a sustainability analysis of the program and identify if our client is sufficiently staffed with personnel having the right skill sets to maintain security under operations and maintenance.