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The transition from facility operations to decommissioning requires a detailed, integrated transition plan for the entire facility incorporating changes proposed to systems important to safety that could be affected during the shutdown process. ENERCON is familiar with federal and commercial decommissioning requirements for all types of nuclear facilities. For DOE facilities, the guidance is provided in DOE G 430.1-5 and DOE G 430.1-3 and our personnel can assist in the implementation of this guidance. For NRC licensed federal facilities, this would be the requirements in Parts 20, 50 and 51, and the guidance such as Regulatory Guide 1.185 and NUREG-1757. ENERCON can help develop the strategy and support the owner through this transition process, providing engineering support, regulatory support, environmental consulting, and surveillance and maintenance program engineering. ENERCON can prepare the transition plans, perform engineering for the change of status, revise decommissioning cost estimates, develop the strategy to initiate decommissioning activities, develop waste and used fuel management programs, and perform readiness reviews for the processes or programs affected. Significant cost savings to the decommissioning costs can be realized through effective planning and management of the transition process. ENERCON’s transition services include:

  • Systematic Shutdown of Systems
  • Engineering Modifications
  • Spent Fuel Management Strategy
  • Hazardous & Radioactive Waste Removal
  • Recordkeeping
  • Safety Authorization Modification
  • Regulatory Document Development
  • Environmental Program Modification
  • Security Program Modification
  • Emergency Planning Modification
  • Surveillance & Maintenance Evaluations
  • Quality Assurance Program Revision