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Planning for decommissioning is an extremely important part of the decommissioning process. In many cases the planning is not properly completed which results in eventual additional costs and delays in schedules. ENERCON can assist in the planning for decommissioning during the initial design of a facility or, more commonly, near the end of the facility's operating life. The ENERCON staff has performed the planning process for facilities of all types, ranging from nuclear reactors to small research laboratories. ENERCON understands the importance of planning and provides an integrated, graded approach to the activity. We assist our clients from the initial decommissioning strategy selection to the final disposition of the facility. ENERCON personnel understand the requirements of WS-R-5 and are familiar with the guidance provided in the numerous IAEA and OECD/NEA Safety and Technical documents and uses these documents as a framework for the planning process. ENERCON can perform all planning activities including:

  • Multiple Site Facility Evaluation and Prioritization
  • Strategy Selection
  • Cost Estimating
  • Decontamination and Dismantling Technology Selection
  • Criticality Safety Analysis
  • Source Term Determination
  • Surveillance & Maintenance
  • Environmental Impact
  • Security & Non-Proliferation Assessments