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Decommissioning Plan (DP) development is typically the first step in the decommissioning process, and the DP must be submitted with 12 months of notification to cease operations unless an alternate schedule is authorized. Upon DP approval, decommissioning must begin. This is a short timeline for planning and initiating the decommissioning process. ENERCON has the resources and expertise to quickly assess site conditions and develop an appropriate DP.

ENERCON has experience with this process at many facilities including complex materials sites, test and research reactors, fuel cycle facilities, DOE Sites, and many unlicensed facilities (including NORM, T-NORM, and radium sites). In the course of supporting decommissioning at these types of facilities, ENERCON has provided support for nearly all decommissioning activities including project management, health physics support, site characterization, work planning, decontamination and materials removal, waste handling, packaging and transportation, and final status surveys. Our team has led development of DPs, prepared Decommissioning Funding Plans, and conducted all manner of MARSSIM work. We have done facility planning, structural assessments and led decontamination efforts in the field. We have developed DCGLs for numerous sites, have worked successfully with both federal and state regulators, and have prepared license amendments for many NRC license holders.

With this broad base of experience and with our expertise in planning and executing the decommissioning process, ENERCON is prepared to develop an appropriate DP for your site in an expeditious manner. Your DP will be developed to conform to NRC guidance and requirements, and it will be technically defensible thus avoiding costly delays in the planning stage.