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If you own or operate a radioactive material site, a test reactor, a research reactor, or fuel cycle facility and the time for decommissioning has arrived, ENERCON is your source for a complete array of site decommissioning services. The time for decommissioning has arrived when a license has expired; the decision has been made to permanently cease principle activities at the entire site or in any separate building or separate outdoor area of the site; no principle activities have been conducted for 24 months; or no principle activities have been conducted for 24 months in any separate building or outdoor area. If the time for decommissioning has arrived, a decommissioning strategy is required. A decommissioning strategy will set the course for the decommissioning planning process.

Should we plan for unrestricted release or restricted release? What are appropriate criteria for site release? Is a Decommissioning Plan required? What are my waste disposal options? These are just examples of the many questions that must be answered. How will your site decommissioning process unfold? That?s up to you, and an effective decommissioning strategy is the key because the timeline for the decommissioning planning process is short and the questions are many.

ENERCON is well qualified to help develop an appropriate strategy for your facility. From the historic site assessment through final status survey, ENERCON will layout a cost effective decommissioning strategy that considers the site license, nuclides of concern, nature and extent of the contamination, release criteria, end use of the site, and the most effective remediation approach for your site.