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ENERCON offers a broad range of services in the electrical analysis field.  Our staff has performed innumerable power system analyses on both DC and AC power distribution systems using multiple industry-wide software platforms including: ETAP, Paladin (formally known as EDSA), SKM, PSCAD, DCSDM, and NETWORK software. ENERCON has consistently demonstrated the ability to supply industry with quality power system analysis services, including both simple and complex analyses for various types of plant/industry issues. ENERCON's experience leads to reliable, licensable and cost-effective analysis solutions, as many different analysis approaches have been developed, used or reviewed by ENERCON personnel.

Through leadership, participation, and presentations by our staff at numerous industry seminars and workshops, such as ETAP's Nuclear Utility Users Group Conference (NUUG), and active membership in IEEE working groups.  ENERCON's Electrical Analysis Group has established itself as industry leaders with respect to various analysis types. The group also has active members in the IEEE SC-4 (subcommittee number 4) working group and is responsible for the SC-4 website. The subcommittee is responsible for preparing and approving various IEEE standards, including diesel generator modeling, motor operated valve (MOV) analysis, degraded grid, and cables.  The group's strong industry presence supports their knowledge of the latest industry standards and trends.  ENERCON is at the forefront of electrical analysis leading to reliable solutions and effective management of distribution systems across the power industry.

ENERCON's expertise ranges in analyses in the following topics:

  • Power System Modeling & Analysis (ETAP, Paladin, SKM)
  • Load Flow & Voltage Drop Coordination Studies
  • Electrical Systems & Equipment Evaluation
  • Specification Development
  • Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FEMA)
  • Transient Analysis
  • Short-Circuit Analysis
  • Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Battery Sizing and Discharge Analysis
  • Diesel Generator Design & Transient Loading Analysis
  • Transformer Replacements
  • Protective Relay Services
  • Open Phase Analysis
  • Degraded Voltage Relays
  • Control System Diagram (CSD) Circuit Analysis
  • Inverter Sizing/Loading