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ATLANTA, Georgia, May 7, 2018 - Enercon Services, Inc. (ENERCON), a diversified engineering, environmental, health and safety, and management consulting firm, is pleased to announce the creation of the ENERCON Surveying and Mapping (ESM) group, brought about by the full integration of our subsidiary Tri-County Engineering, LLC (TCE) into ENERCON.  Through this integration, ENERCON will be able to better serve all client sectors with complex projects across the US.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary, TCE complemented ENERCON with high end surveying and mapping services, as well as strengthened our existing civil engineering and permitting groups.  With client needs for these services increasing across the nation, especially on larger projects that require the full breadth of such support, ENERCON has streamlined our organization and management to improve project efficiency.  In addition, we have dedicated more resources to enhancing this offering for client success.  These enhancements include such services as aerial mapping, spatial database development, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Drone surveys.

ENERCON COO Robert Bryan said, “We strive to make ENERCON a full source of complementary services and deliver excellence to our clients throughout their entire project lifecycle.  Whether our clients need to site a new Interim Spent Fuel Storage facility, route and design hundreds of miles of overhead transmission lines, plan new corridor expansion routes, or plan industrial development, we have a fully integrated set of services; environmental, engineering, health and safety, and operations consulting, to support their needs.”

ENERCON chose to first manage TCE as a wholly-owned subsidiary following its acquisition to take time to purposefully evaluate synergies between the companies.  “We wanted TCE to continue to serve their clients well, without a sudden disruption in management or systems, while we did a discovery of mutual and synergistic strengths,” said ENERCON Vice President Christopher Stammen.  “Over the past three years, we were able to build on the TCE legacy and construct a dynamic organization focused on delivering an ever-expanding set of services in the most efficient way for client success,” he added.

The integration of TCE into ENERCON Surveying and Mapping facilitates seamless integration of multiple service lines on client projects, aimed at making project implementation and completion easier. Clients that have come to trust TCE will experience the same level of service with the same top professional engineers, professional land surveyors, environmental scientists, field technicians and survey crews they have relied on to provide high-quality services in an efficient, cost-effective manner.  At the same time, they, along with our traditional ENERCON clients, will have access to a deeper breadth of services, under one roof, which will help with project knowledge transfer from one phase of the project to the next.