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Known for our experience providing support to the nuclear power industry to help manage plant risk activities, ENERCON routinely utilizes Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) applications and modeling experience to improve nuclear plant safety and economic performance.  

ENERCON provides a range of reliability and risk-related services with a proven team of risk analysis professionals.

Our recent acquisition of MARACOR, a company well known in the commercial nuclear power industry for their skills using each of the industry’s major PRA software tools, has further strengthened our reputation as one of the industry’s top providers of PRA and PRA application services.

ENERCON has significant experience in new PRA development (including Internal Events, Internal Flooding, Fire, Seismic, Other External Events, Level 2 analysis and Low Power/Shutdown Modes), PRA upgrades, peer review support, Risk-Informed Applications (including Risk-Informed Technical Specifications and Severe Accident Mitigation Alternatives studies), Configuration Risk Management programs, Thermal/Hydraulic analysis (using industry codes such as MAAP, RELAP, and GOTHIC), and support for Significance Determination Process evaluations.  ENERCON helps clients to meet the most current regulatory requirements regarding PRA quality.

We currently provide more than 25,000 man-hours of consulting services annually with a staff that averages nearly 20 years of risk analysis experience.  We have provided direct consulting support to over 50% of all US nuclear power plants as well as to the Electric Power Research Institute and international organizations, giving us a broad perspective on design and operating philosophy, as well as emerging regulatory issues and applications.