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ENERCON is ranked as one of the largest providers of engineering design services to the U.S. Nuclear Industry.  With over 850 experienced engineers, many with advanced degrees and significant operating plant experience, ENERCON is uniquely qualified to support our clients' routine and complex engineering needs.  Our Engineer of Choice contracts with over 80% of the operating U.S. nuclear power plants allows us to efficiently provide high quality services for both large and small scope projects.

As a leader in the nuclear industry, we are actively engaged in nearly all current industry issues. As new industry issues emerge, we make it a priority to be an involved stakeholder through our membership in industry organizations such as INPO and NEI. This industry participation allows us to provide the expertise and best solutions to our clients as they work toward resolution of these issues. As a major engineering supplier to the nuclear power industry, we are able to share best practices with our clients. We are also able to leverage our industry experts across the fleet of U.S. nuclear plants versus each plant or utility having to keep expensive underutilized experts on staff.

ENERCON recognizes that workloads at our client's facilities may ebb and flow, with peak periods of activity and low periods of activity. With a large staff and a large pool of clients, we are very effective in moving resources to meet the current needs. Our ability to efficiently utilize our resources produces low overhead rates that are passed on to our clients.