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NRC initiatives in response to the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident resulted in the Commission’s March 12, 2012 Request for Information letters to all nuclear plant licensees under 10 CFR 50.54(f). Part of the requested information required plants to complete a review of flooding vulnerabilities. Although most industry walkdowns completed to evaluate the credited flood protection features pursuant to the Near-Term Task Force recommendations have been completed, many additional actions as a result of these walkdown results are currently underway or under evaluation. ENERCON has supported almost a third of the US nuclear fleet with flooding walkdowns and we are now supporting the industry with flood hazard reevaluations. We are doing these for a fifth of the nation’s commercial nuclear fleet. In addition, we have been working with plants to evaluate their plant- specific mitigation measures and assessing resources that will be needed, especially for those plants with projected flood levels that are not bounded by their current licensing basis. “Integrated Assessments” are underway for those plants.

ENERCON has been intimately involved in addressing rapidly evolving emergent issues related to flood hazard evaluations. We are actively supporting negotiations with NRC staff on all major issues, such as walkdowns, flood hazard reevaluations, dam failures, tsunamis, storm surge and seiche, and Integrated Assessments. We are also currently active in the emerging field of probabilistic-based flooding hazard assessment techniques. This broad range of experience assures our clients that we have all the skill sets necessary to cost effectively complete deterministic and probabilistic methods flooding evaluations.