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ENERCON provides assistance to utilities in completing technical studies and preparing license amendment requests (LARs) to support increasing the power output of operating commercial nuclear power plants.  ENERCON provides support for a broad range of power uprate projects from measurement uncertainty recapture, through  extended power uprates that entail replacement of existing equipment to support operations at uprated conditions.

ENERCON completes revised safety analyses for the proposed uprated conditions to demonstrate that plant margins remain within acceptable ranges, and to ensure that the proposed uprate complies with applicable regulatory requirements.  ENERCON is thoroughly knowledgeable of the NRC’s review standards for power uprates, and the information that must be presented to demonstrate that the proposed uprate meets NRC requirements and guidance. ENERCON closely monitors active uprate LARs to identify emergent issues and areas where additional information is frequently sought. This assures that uprate LAR packages prepared by ENERCON will be accepted for NRC technical review and will support efficient and timely NRC review.

ENERCON supports preparation of comprehensive License Amendment Requests including drafting the LAR package, supporting internal utility review, and supporting review and resolution of comments from plant oversight committees.  ENERCON provides ongoing support to the utility during NRC acceptance review, and during technical review, including support for NRC audits and inspections, and preparation of responses to requests for additional information.

In addition to providing regulatory support, ENERCON also provides a broad range of engineering support for development of design modification packages to support plant upgrades associated with implementing power uprate projects.