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ENERCON has provided support to vendors and utilities working to support the design and deployment of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in the United States.  ENERCON has provided support for planning the development of design certification applications, preparation of technical reports to support interactions with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and completion of licensing strategy papers to evaluate options for addressing specific regulatory issues.

ENERCON's 30 years of experience in supporting design, analysis, licensing, and operations of existing operating commercial nuclear power plants in the United States is an invaluable resource for companies working to deploy SMRs. ENERCON can support preparation of key licensing documents including the Design Control Document, evaluations of potential severe accidents, and completion of conceptual and detailed design.

ENERCON  is also uniquely suited to prepare the Reference Combined License Application for SMR designs that link the design of a proposed reactor technology with a specific proposed site. ENERCON completes site characterization activities, analyzes plant data, and prepares key application documents such as the Final Safety Analysis Report, Environmental Report, Emergency Plan, and Security Plan.