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ENERCON is prepared to provide engineering and regulatory support to applicants considering construction of new facilities to produce medical isotopes in the United States.  At present, the United States is heavily dependent on importation of critical medical isotopes, such as Mo-99 that are necessary to support vital medical diagnostic procedures.  ENERCON has a unique skill set encompassing design of facilities for handling radioactive materials, performing rigorous safety analyses, preparation of required licensing and regulatory documents, and planning for special waste handling facilities.

ENERCON has substantial familiarity with a broad range of design concepts for production of Mo-99 including irradiation of low enriched Uranium foils at existing research reactors, design of facilities to support processing of Mo-99 from irradiation at accelerator facilities, and design of innovative production facilities such a homogeneous aqueous solution reactors.

ENERCON’s nuclear facility design experience encompasses specialized heating, ventilation and air conditions systems necessary for facilities handling highly radioactive isotopes, as well as diverse process support systems such as waste collection and handling, cooling water, electrical distribution, fire detection and suppression, and process control systems.  ENERCON has performed a broad range of sophisticated nuclear safety analyses including shielding design and analysis, criticality safety analyses, dose assessments to demonstrate facility compliance with regulatory requirements under normal operating and postulated accident conditions, and definitions of potential radiological source terms from postulated accidents.

ENERCON prepares comprehensive regulatory documents to support review and approval of facility design by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission including construction permit applications, safety analysis reports, environmental reports, facility emergency plans, and facility security plans.