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ENERCON has over 10 years of experience in providing licensing, safety analysis, emergency planning, radiological operations, and waste handling operations for the Uranium Hexafluoride conversion facility in Illinois.  ENERCON has provided extensive support in formulating an overall approach to developing the Integrated Safety Assessment (ISA) for the facility.  ENERCON has provided extensive technical and licensing support to implement the established strategy.

ENERCON provided civil structural design engineering support to improve the ability of the plant to withstand potential seismic events.  This included improving design of existing systems, supports, and restraints, as well as analysis of facility response to dynamic loads.

ENERCON helped develop an overall strategy and associated implementing documents for renewing the license for the facility.  This included preparing an Environmental Report and key licensing documents.  ENERCON then supported the site during NRC review of their license renewal application.

ENERCON provided extensive support to site operations for upgrading their emergency plan to reflect current operating practices and license requirements.  This included updating the facility plan and implementing procedures, supporting development of new training for plant personnel, and working with offsite response agencies. 

ENERCON provided support to to site operations to expedite shipment of radioactive wastes from the facility in order to decrease the inventory of radioactive materials on site.  ENERCON has also provided extensive support to help characterize radiological hazards at the site, and to plan for eventual cleanup of contaminated land and facilities at the site.