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Introduction by the President

ENERCON President John RichardsonFirst and foremost, our culture here at ENERCON is best summarized by our tag line: Excellence-Every Project, Every Day. We continue to remain focused on the culture that was key to our success during our early days in 1983 when we first opened our doors for business, and one that still exists today now that we have become known as a large, diversified, multi-disciplined engineering and environmental services company.  As we have grown, we have developed a long list of satisfied clients that has been built on our solid reputation as a premier provider of engineering and environmental services.  Our clients know that we continuously strive to be a firm that is known for our integrity, innovation, excellence, and responsiveness.

To capture the early culture that our company was based on, we have developed and published a handbook with the objective of defining our “fundamentals of excellence” that, if internalized and practiced by all of our employees, will help us to continue to achieve excellence.  We focus on these fundamentals every day, which are the skills, behaviors, and practices that we implement for every activity. We also routinely evaluate our performance against these fundamentals.  By working hard, having a commitment to be a "learning organization", and focusing on our “fundamentals of excellence”, we continue to work towards being the company that is admired by all those we support and a company where our employees enjoy coming to work.

Clearly defining our fundamentals in terms of "excellence" has helped us to achieve our vision of being a leading supplier of engineering and environmental services to our valued clients.

We at ENERCON know how important it is for all of our employees to recognize our uncompromising commitment to do what is legal and ethical in all aspects of our professional dealings. We also recognize that it is vital to our success to maintain and enhance our reputation as an exceptional company with the highest standards of ethics and legal integrity. Here, at ENERCON, our core values are very simple: honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence in everything we do. We are committed in our efforts to excel in everything we do and be committed to improvement whenever we fail to meet our expectations for excellence.

In summary, Excellence is ....ENERCON!

Thank you,

John Richardson