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ENERCON's experts are focused on evaluating proposed actions for impacts to protected resources such as wetlands and other waters of the United States (protected under the Clean Water Act Section 404), flora and fauna (which may be protected under the Endangered Species Act or the Migratory Bird Treaty Act), and cultural resources (protected under the National Historic Preservation Act). Our staff also includes subject matter experts in the specialized disciplines necessary to satisfy NEPA review requirements for such issues as environmental justice, socioeconomics, noise, and aesthetic impacts.


  1. NEPA Training
  2. Environmental Assessments
  3. Socioeconomic Studies
  4. GIS Mapping
  5. Natural and Cultural Resources
  6. Categorical Exclusions
  7. Environmental Impact Statements

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Compliance

  1. CEQA Training
  2. Initial Studies/Mitigaated Negative Declarations
  3. Environmental Impact Reports
  4. GIS Mapping
  5. Biological Resources
  6. Cultural Resources
  7. Strategic Integration with California and Regulatory Permitting Agencies

Clean Water Act & Wetlands

  1. Wetlands and Other Waters of the US Delineations
  2. Clean Water Act Section 404 Permitting
  3. Wetlands Mitigation Planning and Design
  4. Fluvial Geo-Morphology and Ecology Evaluations
  5. Bathymetry and Water Quality Evaluations
  6. Rivers and Harbors Act Section 10 Permitting
  7. Clean Water Act Section 316 Evaluations and Support
  8. Wild & Scenic River Determinations
  9. Stream Functional Assessments
  10. Flood Plain Identification and Permitting

Water Resources

  1. Wastewater Treatment System Design
  2. Distribution and Collection System Design
  3. Pump Station Design
  4. Public Supply Wells Design and Wellfield Siting
  5. Wellfield Management
  6. Deep Injection Disposal Wells Design
  7. Groundwater Modeling

Threatened and Endangered Species

  1. ESA Section 10 Permitting
  2. USFWS Consultations
  3. Threatened & Endangered Species Suveys and Studies
  4. Migratory Bird Treaty Act Compliance
  5. Bird and Bat Mortality Monitoring
  6. Critical Habitat Studies
  7. Habitat Conservation Plans
  8. Lesser Prairie Chicken WAFWA Compliance
  9. Programmatic Agreements with the US Fish & Wildlife Service
  10. Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act Compliance
  11. Construction Monitoring

Cultural and Historic Resources Evaluations

  1. Archaeological Pedestrian Surveys
  2. Archaeological Site Characterization and Data Recovery
  3. SHPO and Tribal Consultations
  4. Sensitive Receptor and Aesthetic Impact Evaluations
  5. Architectural Significance Evaluations
  6. National Register of Historic Properties (NRHP) Reviews

Other services include:

  • Prime Farm Land Evaluations
  • Forestry and Ecology Services
  • Environmental Protection Plans