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Developing a new nuclear power generation program requires long-term commitments both nationally and internationally. International treaties and conventions must be adopted, a legal framework must be developed, a regulatory authority must be established, and the capability to manage a nuclear power program must be developed and sustained.

ENERCON's subsidiary Talisman International is a consulting firm with unique competencies in the area of nuclear regulation and a broad vision of safety, security, and radiation protection issues. ENERCON and Talisman are singularly well qualified to help clients developm a legal and regulatory infrastructure for nuclear power programs and to assist regulatory agencies as a Technical Support Organization (TSO). Many Talisman experts held senior positions in the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission or at the International Atomic Energy Agency. Talisman's experts are very familiar with the international treaties, conventions and guidance that would apply to a new nuclear energy program, the management and administration of a nuclear regulatory organization, the development of policies, regulations, and guidance documents and effective implementation of a national nuclear regulatory program.

Talisman can assist in successfully achieving the milestones necessary to develop a strong nuclear program and is well qualified to support a Nuclear Energy Program Implementing Organization (NEPIO) or regulatory agency as a Technical Support Organization (TSO), as recommended by the IAEA.

Areas where Talisman can provide assistance include:

Development of Legal Framework

-          Identification and adoption of international treaties and conventions

-          Development of safety, security and non-proliferation objectives

-          Preparation and enactment of comprehensive national legislation

-          Establishment of independent regulatory authority

-          Development of National Policy Statement

Implementation of Regulatory Authority

-          Management roles and responsibilities

-          Administrative and operating procedures

-          Human resources programs

-          Preparation for program reviews by IAEA

-          Training programs

-          Facility and personnel security programs

-          Information technology and information security programs

-          Management systems

Development of Policies, Regulations and Safety Guidance

-          Regulation development

-          Safety guidance development

-          Regulatory agency procedures

-          Licensing requirements

-          Environmental and plant siting require-ments

-          Inspection and enforcement

-          Material control and accountability

-          Safeguards and security of materials and facilities

-          Import/export controls

-          Radiation protection and emergency planning

-          Management Systems/Quality Assurance

-          Spent fuel and radioactive waste management and transportation

 Regulatory Program Implementation

-          Technology selection and feasibility

-          Emergency preparedness program establishment

-          Radioactive materials program establishment

-          Safety reviews

-          Schedule and Roadmap development

-          Inspections of site preparation and construction activities

-          Interface with the international nuclear community