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Safe operation of any facility that involves the use or handling of radioactive materials requires an effective program to protect workers from the health effects of ionizing radiation.  A comprehensive program includes procedures, training, administrative controls, equipment, and records.  ENERCON can assist clients in improving radiation protection program elements to meet the highest level standards of practice in the commercial nuclear industry.

ENERCON has provided support for enhancing or implementing radiation protection programs at operating nuclear power plants, nuclear power plants that are being decommissioned, and nuclear materials and fuel cycle facilities.  ENERCON’s staff includes experienced Certified Health Physicists, radiation protection engineers, and health physics technicians.  Our staff has extensive experience with diverse radiological materials and hazards including transuranics, fission products, and specialized materials such as medical isotopes.

ENERCON can also help clients conduct self-assessments to evaluate compliance with regulatory requirements and implementation of industry best practices.  ENERCON can also help train clients in conducting effective, performance-based self-assessments of the radiation protection program.