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Every company involved in the nuclear power industry must be constantly vigilant to promote a strong safety culture.  Such a culture promotes a questioning attitude among employees, and it encourages open dialogue and communications about potential safety issues.  A strong safety culture rejects complacency and emphasizes prompt reporting, evaluation, and elimination of any conditions that are adverse to safety.

ENERCON helps clients strengthen their safety culture through training, surveys, independent assessments, and mentoring and coaching of managers and employees.  ENERCON can provide detailed training that enhances understanding of all elements of safety culture and measures student’s retention of key elements of the training.   ENERCON can conduct detailed surveys to measure employee attitudes.  Such surveys over time can establish trends and provide an indication of whether safety culture is embraced by the work force and management.  ENERCON can also provide experts in nuclear operations to mentor key managers on developing and maintaining a strong safety culture.