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The Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) process has been proven for many years of reactor operation in many countries to provide high level abilities in the operations staff to safely operate nuclear power plants in normal, transient and accident conditions.  ENERCON can help clients implement SAT based training programs, or upgrade existing training programs to reflect the most current standards of practice for nuclear facilities.

ENERCON can provide supplementary instructional personnel who possess a wealth of experience in implementing SAT-based programs in the United States.  This includes personnel who are native English speakers who have been previously licensed on operating Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs) or Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs) in the United States.  This supplementary staff would be exceptionally well versed in conducting effective training in both classroom and simulator settings.  Additionally, these instructors would have knowledge of the applicable Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) Academy Documents (ACADs) that apply to licensed operator training.  Examples include ACAD 02-001, The Objectives and Criteria for Accreditation of Training in the Nuclear Power Industry, and ACAD 10-001, Guidelines for Initial Training and Qualification of Licensed Operators.

ENERCON can also provide supplementary support for developing the necessary training infrastructure to support implementing a program based on the SAT process.  As a first step, ENERCON can assist in completing job task analyses for operations and operations support positions to define the knowledge skills and abilities required to effectively perform in the position.  ENERCON can also provide support for improving instructor guides and lesson plans to consistently reflect learning objectives, and to enhance the ability to present materials in the most effective and efficient manner.  ENERCON can also provide assistance in developing simulator scenarios that develop the trainee’s ability to diagnose and respond to complex plant transients and evolutions.  Finally, ENERCON can provide assistance in developing on-the-job training measures that are designed to reinforce classroom and simulator instruction and provide a measurable basis for demonstrating a trainee’s skills and abilities to perform important tasks.