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ENERCON is has provided extensive support in performing site characterization and feasibility assessment for proposed nuclear power plant sites.  ENERCON has completed comprehensive characterization programs for project developers to support development of  license applications either for site approval, or to support preparation of combined construction and operating licenses.  Site characterization work has include installation of meteorological towers, geologic and geotechnical investigations, archeological and cultural resources evaluations, terrestrial and aquatic ecology investigations, ground and surface water investigations, and socioeconomic evaluations.

ENERCON has also provide limited scope investigations to evaluate the feasibility of proposed sites for nuclear power plants.  This has included studies to evaluate the geologic and geotechnical suitability of the site, the suitability of planned water resources to support plant heat rejection, and confirmatory evaluations of specific exclusionary criteria that could disqualify a proposed plant site.  ENERCON has evaluated issues such as plant constructability, ability to store water at a potential site, and access to a site for installation of major plant components.

ENERCON has prepared comprehensive reports to document site suitability including Early Site Permit Applications to obtain approval of proposed sites for possible deployment of nuclear power plants.  ENERCON has extensive experience in working with regulators to assure the suitability of proposed sites and to prepare necessary safety and environmental documentation.