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ENERCON is a recognized leader in preparing applications for submittal to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for approval of proposed sites for location of potential nuclear power plants under the NRC’s revised licensing process contained in Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 52.  ENERCON prepared one of the first three ESP applications submitted to the NRC in 2003 and is currently developing an ESP application for greenfield site in the Western United States.

ENERCON is unique in its technical capabilities to complete necessary data collection and studies, analyze resulting data, and prepare complex regulatory documents including the Site Safety Analysis Report, Environmental Report, Emergency Plan, and evaluate potential security issues associated with proposed sites.

ENERCON completes detailed analyses to evaluate potential natural phenomena hazards that could affect a proposed plant at the selected site.  ENERCON also analyzes radiological effluent releases from normal operation and postulated accidents for proposed new nuclear power plants.

ENERCON is an expert in utilizing a “Plant Parameter Envelope” (PPE) to represent a range of potential reactor technologies that might be deployed at a proposed nuclear power plant site.  This approach allows maximum flexibility for the project developer to select a reactor technology that is most commercially and technically advantageous after a site has been approved the by the NRC, thereby reducing the overall licensing risks of the proposed project.