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ENERCON’s NEPA Services product line is dedicated to preparing National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation as well as conducting the types of reviews required under the NEPA process. Our NEPA group is focused on evaluating proposed actions for impacts to protected resources such as wetlands and other waters of the United States (protected under the Clean Water Act Section 404), flora and fauna (which may be protected under the Endangered Species Act or the Migratory Bird Treaty Act), and cultural resources (protected under the National Historic Preservation Act). Our staff also includes subject matter experts in the specialized disciplines necessary to satisfy NEPA review requirements for such issues as environmental justice, socioeconomics, noise, and aesthetic impacts.

ENERCON’s NEPA experience extends from minor projects qualifying for Categorical Exclusions (CE) and Environmental Assessments (EA) to full-scale Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for major federal actions. Our staff of biologists, archaeologists, demographers, and other environmental scientists support site-specific studies of aquatic ecology (benthic organisms, mussels, fish, marine biota), terrestrial ecology (habitat assessments, vegetative cover mapping, and mammalian, avian and entomological surveys), demography (population density, growth projections, and sensitive population assessments), meteorology (wind roses, precipitation, icing effects, air quality), hydrology (surface and subsurface), and archaeology (records reviews, pedestrian surveys, and construction monitoring).

ENERCON works closely with our clients to carefully scope NEPA projects to ensure the appropriate level of public involvement occurs, to ensure that the necessary agency and tribal consultations are made, and to define the study area and project description. Our staff is experienced in developing Section 404 permit applications, mitigation plans, and other documentation required by the Army Corps of Engineers. ENERCON has several Endangered Species Act Section 10-permitted biologists authorized to survey for the federally protected American burying beetle (ABB). ENERCON’s field data is collected using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to allow for the production of geo-referenced mapping by our Geographic Information System (GIS) staff. From rapid bio-assessments to nesting bird surveys, ENERCON’s NEPA staff can support biological evaluations of small projects (oil and gas exploration sites, small pipelines and transmission lines, bridge replacements) and large projects (power plants, interstate pipelines, quarry/mining sites, wind farms, major federal actions) in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

 NEPA Services:

  • Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) Consultations Wetlands and other Waters of the U.S. Delineations
  • USACE Consultation and Pre-Application Meetings
  • CWA Section 404 and Rivers and Harbors Act Section 10 Permitting
  • Wetlands and Stream Mitigation – Banking/Enhancement/Restoration/Creation
  • Avian Monitoring
  • Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) Studies
  • Archaeological Surveys
  • Cultural & Historical Resource Assessments
  • Alternatives Evaluation
  • Siting Studies
  • Socioeconomic and Demographic Analyses
  • Noise Surveys and Modeling, Sensitive Receptor Identification
  • Air Quality Evaluations/Emissions Inventory
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Flooding Analyses