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The ENERCON Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) Group provides a range of reliability and risk-related services with a proven team of risk analysis professionals.  ENERCON has significant experience in new PRA development (including Internal Events, Internal Flooding, Fire, Seismic, Other External Events, Level 2 analysis and Low Power/Shutdown Modes), PRA upgrades, Engineering Change evaluations, NFPA 805 (Fire PRA) support, as well as the performance of peer reviews and F&O closure reviews. Our PRA team is heavily involved in supporting of Risk-Informed Applications such as Risk-Informed Technical Specifications Initiatives 4b and 5b, 10CFR 50.69, ILRT extensions, and Severe Accident Mitigation Alternatives studies. ENERCON supports numerous clients with additional PRA needs such as PRA outsource support, Configuration Risk Management programs, Thermal/Hydraulic analysis (using industry codes such as MAAP, RELAP, and GOTHIC), and support for Significance Determination Process (SDP) evaluations. 

  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • PRA Development
  • Internal Failure PRA
  • Internal Flooding PRA
  • Fire PRA
  • Seismic PRA
  • External Events PRA
  • Human Reliability Analysis
  • PRA support for License Amendment Request Extensions
  • Risk-Informed Technical Specifications Initiatives 4b and 5b
  • 10CFR 50.69
  • ILRT Extensions
  • Maintenance Rule support
  • Equipment Risk Categorizations
  • Thermal/Hydraulic Analysis
  • Significance Determination Process (SDP) Evaluations
  • Engineering Change Evaluations including NFPA 805 requirements
  • PRA Outsource support
  • EOOS and Phoenix Model Development and support
  • PRA support for Evolutionary and Revolutionary Light Water Reactors
  • PRA support for Non-Light Water Reactor Plants
  • PRA Input to Design Certification Process for New Reactors
  • Peer Review support
  • Facts & Observations Closure Review support