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We actively support clients with Federal and State environmental compliance needs.  An advantage ENERCON provides is the experience and talent to develop solutions that accomplish responsible environmental compliance in a cost effective manner.  We understand that compliance challenges result from external pressure of new regulatory requirements and enforcement trends, as well as from internal company policies to streamline operations and reduce costs.  ENERCON offers a complete range of auditing, training, permitting and compliance programs and services.

Spill Prevention Controls and Countermeasures Plans

  1. Spill Prevention Controls and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans help facilities prevent discharges of oil into navigable waters or adjoining shorelines. These Plans help facilities minimize product loss, prevent oil spills, as well as control a spill should one occur. Enercon has Professional Engineers registered in over 25 states who are well versed in the various state requirements. ENERCON provides:

    1. Plan Preparation and Updates
    2. Secondary Containment Calculations and Recommendations
    3. PE Certification/Stamping of Plans

Facility Response Plans

  1. Facilities which could be expected to cause substantial harm to the navigable waters of the US by discharging oil must prepare a Facility Response Plan (FRP). The FRP outlines the steps taken for emergency response as well as steps to mitigate and clean up spills in water, and includes lists of possible impacted areas and wildlife. ENERCON provides:

    1. Plan Preparation
    2. Verification of Response Actions

Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA) SARA Title III

  1. EPCRA was designed to help local communities protect public health, safety, and the environment from chemical hazards. It requires industry to report on the storage, use and releases of hazardous substances to federal, state, and local governments. EPCRA requires state and local governments, and Indian tribes to use this information to protect their community from potential risks.  ENERCON provides:

    1. Analysis of Chemical Storage
    2. Report Chemical Releases
    3. Disseminate Reports to ocal governments and the public

SARA Title III, Tier II Chemical Inventory Report

  1. Annual Tier II chemical inventory reporting captures information about the types, quantities and locations of hazardous chemicals at a given facility. Procedures and requirements vary from state to state. ENERCON provides:

    1. File annual Tier II Reports with State Agencies
    2. Manage and Update existing Tier II files to comply with state requirements
    3. Submit Fees and Required Documentation to regulatory agencies on behalf of clients

Storm Water Pollution Prevention (CWA Section 402 – NPDES Program)

  1. The NPDES permit program addresses water pollution by regulating point sources and storm water discharges that discharge pollutants to waters of the United States.  ENERCON provides:

    1. Stormwater Permitting
    2. Plan Preparation
    3. Quarterly Monitoring
    4. Annual Sampling for plan and regulatory compliance
    5. Construction SWPPP Preparation

Sediment and Erosion Control Plans (SECP)

  1. SECPs promote the public welfare by guiding, regulating, and controlling the design, construction, use, and maintenance of any development or other activity that disturbs or breaks the topsoil or results in the movement of earth on land. Eroded soil endangers water resources, necessitates repair of sewers and ditches and the dredging of lakes, and the loss of native vegetation necessary for terrestrial and aquatic habitat.  ENERCON provides:

    1. Plan Preparation
    2. Permitting
    3. Inspection

Hazardous Materials Management Plans (HMMP)

  1. The purpose of a HMMP is to describe the company’s procedures for storing, using, managing, and disposing of hazardous materials in a safe manner.  ENERCON provides:

    1. Classification of Storage Regulations Compliance Plan
    2. Facility and/or Project Permitting for hazardous material handling and storage

Environmental Compliance Audits 

  1. Environmental compliance audits are conducted to review overall compliance with applicable environmental programs and permits. These audits include a site inspection, and evaluation of existing and previous environmental compliance policies, procedures and regulatory reports.  ENERCON provides:

    1. Complete Compliance Audits for Client Self-Assessments
    2. Gap Analysis and Corrective Action Report
    3. Support for Completing Corrective Actions

Environmental Compliance Training

  1. Training to provide guidance in meeting regulatory, safety, and efficiency requirements and guidelines.  ENERCON provides:

    1. Conduct Training Courses
    2. Provide Training and Documentation Materials and Guidelines for Future Use


  1. Meeting the needs of the present generation without impairing the ability of future generations to meet their own requirements is becoming an essential component of corporate responsibility and avoiding environmental harm.  ENERCON provides:

    1. Operations Audit
    2. Plan Preparation

Environmental Management System (EMS) Development

  1. Processes and practices that enable an organization to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating efficiency, such as developing objectives, targets, and measures, along with environmental management programs, are put in place in a cost-effective manner.  ENERCON provides:

    1. Environmental and Legal Analysis
    2. System Preparation

Health, Safety, and Environmental Management Systems (HSEMS)

  1. This management system provides an outline to be used to identify, eliminate, or mitigate work hazards and risks and promote a safe working environment.  ENERCON provides:

    1. Risk Assessment
    2. Plan Preparation
    3. Training
    4. Document Control
    5. Audits

ISO Quality Assurance Programs

  1. The ISO program is a set of policies,processes and procedures required for planning and execution in the core business area of an organization. An ISO 9001 certification can lead to more efficient use of resources and new business development.  ENERCON provides:

    1. Organization Preparation
    2. Compliance Analysis
    3. Plan Preparation
    4. Training
    5. Document Control
    6. Audits
    7. ISO Registration