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ENERCON professionals have decades of experience auditing, developing, and implementing Safety Management Systems across many industries.  Our professionals have specific expertise in SMS elements to determine what is working and what needs augmenting thereby providing a path to sustained Safety Excellence.  Preventing Significant Injury and Fatalities (SIF) and Major Risk has become a focus of the US safety industry.  An effective Safety Management System (SMS) will enable you to take a proactive approach to Major Risk and Worker Endangerment, will drive your company's safety performance to exceed industry standards and, ultimately, will increase your production and bottom line.

System Development and Optimization

SMS Gap Analysis

  1. ENERCON has pedigreed and ongoing experience in performing Safety Management System gap analyses, against both simple and complex systems, interpreting and prioritizing the results of the gap analysis, and partnering with clients to develop efficient and effective SMS elements to close the gap.  ENECON uses key components of the OSHA Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines as the baseline standard. Our personnel incorporate key success factors:

    1. Compliance
    2. Best Practices
    3. Behavioral Approaches
    4. Sustainable Safety Excellence

SMS Development

  1. ENERCON has a wealth of expertise and recent experience working with clients to develop and update:

    1. Safety Policies
    2. Annual SMART Objectives and Performance Indicators
    3. Safety Management Plans
    4. Subcontractor Safety Auditing and Oversight Procedures
    5. Safety Programs

SMS Training & Implementation

  1. Development of SMS elements is never enough. The best plans fail to achieve their goals if they are not properly implemented.  ENERCON personnel have extensive experience in building and executing implementation plans to support cultural transformation.  An implementation plan will typically include executing:

    1. Communication and Engagement Plan
    2. Responsibilities Calendar and Coaching for Key Roles
    3. Learning System including:

      1. Training Program on new and updated programs
      2. Performance monitoring and safety assurance
      3. Incident investigation and corrective action
      4. Lessons-identified to lessons-learned system (knowledge transfer system)

Safety Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Management

Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Studies

  1. A HAZOP can be conducted at different stages of process design.  ENERCON has both the experience and expertise to facilitate all stages of HAZOPs. Often one HAZOP on a fairly mature process design is sufficient to identify numerous process improvements to reduce risk and increase operational efficiency.

Risk Register & Matrix Development, Implementation & Support

  1. ENERCON has extensive pan-industry experience in designing risk management systems suited to individual client needs, and making simple and effective programs utilizing the leading international guidelines (e.g. ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard). 

  2. ENERCON have built our risk management expertise in the nuclear, aviation and pipeline industries.  Effective Risk Management is at the very core of sustainable safety excellence; let us partner with your company to help build you a top tier risk management system.