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Zero Emission Vacuum and Compressor - ZEVAC®

As federal, state, and local regulatory agencies further develop the Clean Air Act and other emission standards and permitting requirements, there is a solution that provides Zero Venting, Zero Flaring, Zero Emissions and is the Environmentally Responsible way to handle natural gas in your pipeline. 

ZEVAC® units use compressed air to suction your process vessel or pipeline segment and compresses the gas into the adjacent pipeline.  ZEVAC® keeps the gas inside the pressurized system.  

ENERCON is the sole authorized distributor of the ZEVAC® system for the Oil & Gas industry.

Benefits of Using the ZEVAC® System:

» Reduces Safety Risks Through Engineered Means

  • Prevents flammable / explosive fuel-air cloud formation
  • Reduces noise significantly and the need for double hearing protection
  • Removes the need to ignite open flame for flaring
  • Saves money by removing the need for certain PPE

» Supports Ongoing and Upcoming Environmental Regulations

  • Eliminates greenhouse gas emissions
  • Removes the need for lengthy permit applications and cost of release permitting
  • Proves responsible environmental stewardship to the community

» Other Tangible Advantages

  • Greatly reduce the money and personnel resources required for maintenance operations by eliminating notification requirements to emergency personnel, county governments, and neighbors regarding odor, noise, and/or flame because there is no release
  • Operations and contractors gain flexibility in project planning and scheduling by right sizing the equipment to meet the need within a very small operational footprint
  • No wasted natural gas product
  • No large upfront capital costs because the system is offered on a lease for your field personnel to operate

Flexible System Deployment

ENERCON makes deployment of the system easy.  Based on your needs in the field, we can customize a solution and system size that meets your project goals and timeframes for completion.  Whether you are completing a line replacement, performing pig trap maintenance and inspection services, meter runs, or any number of projects, we can provide cost estimates specific to each project scenario.

The ZEVAC® technology is easily available without large upfront capital costs on a lease basis or through call-out support services with our trained personnel.  Flexible lease terms are offered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on your needs.  ENERCON offers complete training to field personnel as well as routine maintenance and inspections of the equipment. 

We invite you to reach out today to discuss operating without releasing emissions, [email protected]