Mechanical Engineering Supervisor, Nuclear Services Group (NSG)

Office: Overland Park, KS

Time with ENERCON: 6 Years

As an engineering supervisor, Aaron’s role is to provide technical oversight for a team of engineers. He is responsible for the group’s product quality and overall performance.

What is your vision for your role?

My vision is to promote teamwork and communication within my group, across disciplines, and across other ENERCON offices. As a supervisor I try to encourage collaboration between team members so we can leverage each other’s individual strengths and achieve high performance as a group.

What is something many people may not know about you?

In my free time I coach Olympic weightlifting, having coached athletes at the national level and some lower-tier international events.

What makes ENERCON different from other places you’ve worked?

At ENERCON I get the chance to work on a wide variety of projects. I’ve been here for six years and every project that I’ve worked on has been different.

What’s the most unusual/surprising thing you’ve encountered in your job?

It has been surprising (and rewarding) seeing how fast our young employees can grow and perform at a high level when given the opportunities to showcase their strengths.

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