Electrical Engineering Supervisor, Nuclear Services Group (NSG)

Office: Naperville, IL

Time with ENERCON: 6 years

Austin provides leadership and day-to-day technical oversight for the Electrical Engineering group in Naperville.

What is your vision for your role?

My vision is to help promote the professional development of our staff by diversifying and adding depth to the talent pool of our group.

What is something many people may not know about you?

I’m an avid DIY’er. I also enjoy spending my time fixing cars and doing things around the house.

What makes ENERCON different from other places you’ve worked?

We’re able to rapidly mobilize and respond to clients with urgent needs. I witnessed this firsthand when we responded to a transformer replacement project last year. By working across multiple offices (Baton Rouge, Kennesaw, Naperville), we were able to mobilize a group of engineers to the station the next morning, work through some challenging design constraints in real time, and generate a design change package in a matter of a few days.

What’s the most unusual/surprising thing you’ve encountered in your job?

I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly Naperville has been able to overcome industry challenges and expand into new markets. I give many thanks to the divisions and groups that we’ve been able to share resources and work with over the past year, and I hope we continue to foster this sharing environment.

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