Enercon is Hiring!

Senior Project Manager

Office: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Time with ENERCON: 5+ years

James’ key recent projects include submittal of a Subsequent License Renewal (increase operating license to 80 years) at a power plant (the first in the industry). Additionally, ENERCON just submitted our third Subsequent License Renewal Application. That’s three in 4.5 years. We’ve now submitted three of the total of seven submitted. Other projects include replacing the Rod Control System with a new design for a client, and Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessment (SPRA) at nuclear power plants.

What is your vision for your role?

To utilize my 40+ years in the commercial nuclear industry to provide leadership in the execution of assigned projects. Being a project manager means more than just providing hours and updating schedules. It’s being intrusive to ensure the project team understands their roles and responsibilities in order to provide a quality product that meets our commitments (which include scope, schedule, and budget) to the respective client in accordance with our contract with said client.

What is something many people may not know about you?

Professional, I’ve held an Operating Licenses on both a BWR and a PWR. Personal, I’m a Triathlete and Marathon runner.

What makes ENERCON different from other places you’ve worked?

Leadership – the Senior Leadership Team is very intrusive in providing personnel resources to be successful. Also, ENERCON goes out of their way to ensure communication flows both ways – from leadership to individual contributor and vice versa – in a very personal manner (as opposed to just sending out edicts, we have monthly meetings so that everyone knows the state of the company and has the opportunity to ask questions).

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