Role: Corporate Controller

Office: Kennesaw, GA

Time with ENERCON: Just over two months!


I am responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of our financial statements, as well as the adherence to US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. I am also a member of the CFO’s team and I work closely with Facilities, IT, FP&A and Governance on a daily basis.


What is your vision for your role?

My vision is really two-fold.  First, to maintain the financial excellence that ENERCON has exhibited since its inception and help organize and structure the finance group to handle the long-range plan growth of the company. Secondly, to develop and build the strength of my team – they are all excellent and my primary function as their leader is to encourage them and help them grow and continue to provide opportunities for growth and advancement.


What is something many people may not know about you?

I grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania which is home to the largest population of Amish people in North America (I’m not Amish, however).


What makes ENERCON different from other places you’ve worked?

Truly the family atmosphere – ENERCON is a place that truly puts the employees at the top of the pyramid and that has been clear to me from day one.


What’s the most unusual/surprising thing you’ve encountered in your job?

I have a very long-tenured team which is unusual just about anywhere you work today – at a bare minimum my direct reports have been here for at least 5 years and that’s highly unusual outside of ENERCON.

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