Lead Electrical/I&C Engineer, Nuclear Services Group (NSG)

Office: Kennesaw, GA
Time with ENERCON: 11 years

John is often the responsible engineer or lead RE on projects. He also supports the engineers for whom he is directly responsible.

What is your vision for your role?

The Lead plays a crucial role in training engineers, so my vision is to continually improve my technical competence so that I may, in turn, pass that on to those who come after me and do my part in ensuring a successful future for ENERCON.

What is something many people may not know about you?

In high school, I wrote game reviews for a moderately popular gaming website. When I changed high schools and introduced myself to some new friends, one of them recognized my name. He asked if I was “THE John Livingston” who worked for the gaming site. He was blown away when I confirmed it. He became a good friend. Maybe those were my 15 minutes of fame.

What makes ENERCON different from other places you’ve worked?

I came on board because there were many engineers who came from similar circumstances as me, coming into a second job out of school. I learned that our company is full of bright and capable people who often pull together to help each other out of challenging situations.

What’s the most unusual/surprising thing you’ve encountered in your job?

I learned from a site visit that loose papers are also known as “transient combustibles.”

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