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Without reliable characterization, remediation is a crapshoot.  If properly executed, site characterization will provide an early snapshot of the nature and extent of contamination at a reasonable cost.  This early investment will allow for appropriate remediation planning and long term cost savings.  At ENERCON, we work with our clients to understand their remediation objectives, the site history, regulatory framework, and the local environmental conditions.  This allows ENERCON to develop a targeted Characterization Plan that provides useful results.  Once the Characterization Plan is developed, ENERCON will work with the client and regulators (if necessary) to ensure that all interested parties are satisfied with the planned activities.

Based on a well conceived Characterization Plan, ENERCON is able to efficiently collect the data necessary to fully understand the nature and extent of the problem.  ENERCON has successfully conducted site characterization activities in this manner on all types of environmental media, including soil, sediments, waste materials, surface water, and groundwater.  Once the data is gathered, ENERCON compiles the information into an appropriate report that not only maps and summarizes data, but provides the data analysis and interpretation necessary to add value to the project.  This report can then be relied upon as input into subsequent phases of the remediation project which may include evaluations of remediation alternatives; fiscal planning, radiological dose modeling, and environmental risk assessments.  ENERCON has the experience and expertise to unveil and characterize buried secrets.