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ENERCON provides comprehensive services for the decommissioning of nuclear power, production and research facilities licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and NRC Agreement States. We provide support with post-shutdown planning, cost estimates, scheduling, NRC required submittals, radiological systems and components inventories, site characterization, environmental impacts evaluation of decommissioning services, radiological release support, health physics services, license termination support, and if desired redevelopment of the site for future industrial use. ENERCON has supported the decommissioning of more than 20 facilities to safely remove those facilities and sites from service and reduce residual radioactivity to allow for restricted use. This includes multiple projects for the nuclear power industry, the USDOE, Universities and other operators of test reactors, and other industries utilizing radiological materials for research and commercial purposes.

Major Services Offered

Decommissioning Planning

  1. Effective planning for decommissioning is a critical step in the decommissioning process. Inadequate planning can result in schedule delays and increased total cost. ENERCON can assist in the planning for decommissioning during the initial design of a facility or, more commonly, near the end of the facility’s operating life. These services include:

    1. Multiple Site Facility Evaluation and Prioritization
    2.  Pre-shutdown Transition Planning
    3. Decommissioning Strategic Plan Development
    4. Decommissioning Cost Estimating, WBS/Schedule Development
    5. Staff Reduction Strategy Support
    6. Community Outreach Support
    7. Decontamination/Dismantling Technology Selection
    8. Waste Management Planning
    9. Security Assessments
    10. Rad/ALARA Program Development
    11. Licensing Support
    12. Criticality Safety Analysis
    13. Source Term Determination
    14. Surveillance & Maintenance Planning
    15. Environmental Impact
    16. Classified Material Control

Decommissioning Implementation

  1. ENERCON can assist in the evaluation of the existing operating organization to reform it to support the decommissioning activities. Responsibilities and job descriptions will require modification. Since a large number of contractors may be used during the decommissioning activities, ENERCON can assist management in ensuring that management reporting hierarchy and lines of authority are such that they do not create conflicts between organizations that could compromise safety during decommissioning and ensure the process is performed in the most effective manner possible. ENERCON can assist by establishing project management infrastructure through the implementation of:

    1. Organizational Management Reconfiguration
    2. Scheduling & Financial Control
    3. Training
    4. Quality Assurance
    5. Project Definition
    6. Independent Management and Technical Oversight
    7. Readiness Reviews
    8. Licensing
    9. Engineering
    10. Health Physics Services
    11. Waste Management

Decommissioning Engineering Support

  1. Effectively decommissioning a facility typically involves and engineering analysis of facilities to be deconstructed to ensure that the work is done in the most expedient manner possible while ensuring the safety and security of the personnel involved.  Examples of specific activities that ENERCON can support include:

    1. Waste Inventory Development
    2. Facility Modifications for Shutdown
    3. Structural Analysis of Partially-Removed Buildings
    4. Crane Analysis/Design for Component Removal
    5. Security System Redesign
    6. Nuclear Fuel-Pool Islanding
    7. Independent Waste/Spent Fuel Dry Storage Facilities (ISFSI)

Licensing and Regulatory Support

  1. Transitioning a radiological facility from operations to a safe shut-down state and ultimately into final decommissioning requires a number of NRC regulatory submittals and approvals.  ENERCON is experienced with the preparation of these submittals and can help ensure that they are done correctly and at the optimum time to ensure the lowest-cost decommissioning process.  

  2. ENERCON supports clients from planning through final license termination with:

    1. Strategic Planning
    2. Regulatory Submittal Strategy Development
    3. Regulatory Submittal Planning
    4. Regulatory Submittal Development
    5. Regulatory Review Support

  3. Specific examples of submittals include:

    1. Emergency Planning submittals to support decommissioning staff reductions
    2. Decommissioning Trust Fund Plan
    3. Certified Fuel Handler Training Plan Changes
    4. Suspension of Certain Security Measures
    5. Permanently Shut-Down Emergency Plan
    6. PSDAR
    7. Permanently Defueled Tech Spec Changes
    8. DSAR Updates
    9. License Termination Plan

Radiological Support

  1. Throughout the decommissioning process, radiological support must be provided to ensure that worker safety is maintained, that no radioactive contamination of the site environment occurs, and that no inappropriately packaged waste material leaves the site. A selection of the services ENERCON provides in support of these objectives include:

    1. OSHA Compliance Oversight
    2. Radiological Monitoring
    3. Instrument Calibration
    4. Waste Package Inspections
    5. Final Status Survey

Environmental Support

  1. During the Decommissioning process, care must be taken to ensure that all waste packaging and shipment, as well as air emissions and liquid release to the environment, meet NRC and EPA regulatory requirements.  In addition, any legacy contamination of the site must be addressed meeting state and federal release criteria. Selected services offered by ENERCON to support such needs include:

    1. Waste Acceptance Criteria Development
    2. Waste Manifest Development
    3. Site Characterization including Drilling
    4. Air Monitoring
    5. Water Release Criteria Development
    6. Air and Water Permits

Industries Served

Commercial Nuclear Power

  1. A number of power plants have either permanently ceased operation and are now in the decommissioning portion of their life-cycle or have announced plans to permanently shutdown.  ENERCON has supported many of these clients with a combination of the services above.  Selected clients supported include:

    1. Humboldt Bay Power Plant
    2. Zion Nuclear Power Station
    3. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant
    4. Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Generating Station
    5. San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station
    6. Crystal River 3 Nuclear Power Plant
    7. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant
    8. Oyster Creek Nuclear Generation Station
    9. Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station
    10. Palisades Nuclear Generating Station
    11. Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

Research Test Reactors

  1. Universities, as well as several federal agencies, have historically maintained small reactor facilities for training, experimentation, and select material production.  As these facilities have reached the end of their life, they have been and are being decommissioned such that ongoing activities in surrounding facilities are minimally impacted and that the reclaimed facility can be repurposed.  Clients supported include:

    1. University of Illinois
    2. University of Arizona
    3. University of Washington
    4. State University at New York Buffalo
    5. University of Arkansas (SEFOR)
    6. A.J. Blotcky Reactor (VA)
    7. GE Vallecitos

Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Radiopharmaceuticals, and Other Material Licensees

  1. Nuclear fuel cycle facilities are all critical pieces in the production on fuel for the nuclear power industry.  ENERCON has supported all phases of the nuclear fuel cycle, including mines, conversion facilities, enrichment facilities and fuel production facilities.  Services include licensing, safety analysis, engineering, environmental and radiological support.

    1. GE Hitachi
    2. Westinghouse
    3. Honeywell International
    4. URENCO

Federal Weapons Complex

  1. The federal government has an extensive complex of radiological facilities, many of which have been used by the USDOE for research and nuclear weapons development.  ENERCON has significant experience working on the decommissioning and remediation of many of the older facilities that have now been retired.  To support these activities, ENERCON personnel are familiar and experienced with the guidance provided in DOE G 430.1-2 for DOE facilities and uses this as a framework for the planning process. Our personnel are also familiar with NUREG-1700 MARSSIM and other NRC guidance used for other federal facilities.  Specific facilities ENERCON personnel have supported include:

    1. Argonne National Laboratory
    2. Hanford Complex
    3. Los Alamos National Laboratory
    4. Portsmouth Site
    5. Paducah Site
    6. West Valley Demonstration Project