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Table of Contents

  1. I. Valued Service
  2. II. Client Focus
  3. III. Quality Service
  4. IV. Value to Our Shareholders
  5. V. Employee Focus
  6. VI. Integrity and Professionalism
  7. VII. Openness in Conduct of Business
  8. VIII. Nuclear Safety
  9. IX. Work Safety
  10. X. Environmental Protection

Defining ExcellenceI. Valued Service

Excellence is…. providing exceptional service to our clients.

  • Solving our clients’ problems in the most cost effective manner

  • Solving our clients’ problems in the timeframe needed

  • Completing tasks and projects better, faster, more efficiently

  • Understanding and exceeding our clients’ expectations

  • Sharing industry best practices with our clients

  • Helping our clients improve their programs and processes


Defining ExcellenceII. Client Focus

Excellence is…. focusing on our clients.

  • Listening and being responsive to our clients

  • Being a provider of choice

  • Sharing our clients’ business objectives

  • Having a commitment to our clients’ success

  • Adapting quickly to changes in our clients’ and market needs

  • Meeting and exceeding our clients’ quality and service standards

  • Establishing a long-term working relationship with our clients

  • Protecting our clients business sensitive and proprietary information

  • Bringing solutions to problems and ensuring that we don’t run from problems

  • Doing what we say we would do (honoring our commitments)

Defining ExcellenceIII. Quality Service

Excellence is….. providing quality services to our clients.

  • Providing products and deliverables free of errors and defects

  • Putting quality above schedule and budget demands

  • Providing reliable quality service in a manner that preserves the health and safety of our employees, our clients and the public; along with protecting the environment

  • Ensuring we strictly follow procedures

  • Ensuring that we fulfill the requirements of our contracts

  • Being accountable for one’s work without relying on internal and external reviews (ownership, self-checking)

  • Being proud of what we produce

  • Embracing our Lessons Learned Program and learning from our previous experiences

  • Being rigorous in problem solving

  • Embracing human performance tools to prevent errors

  • Understanding and validating all assumptions

  • Communicating clearly, concisely, and formally

  • Maintaining a questioning attitude

Defining ExcellenceIV. Value to Our Shareholders

Excellence is… providing value to our shareholders.

  • Growing the business

  • Taking a leadership role in striving to be a dominant supplier in the markets we serve

  • Seeking long-term growth opportunities

  • Supporting our company’s financial goals

  • Understanding and managing risks to prevent loss for our clients and our company

  • Building competitive capabilities

  • Looking for better ways – innovation

  • Seeking ways to accomplish tasks as efficiently and effectively as possible

  • Taking action to achieve results

  • Working collectively to achieve results and to accomplish more than we can individually

  • Being prudent with our financial resources (treating the company’s money as we treat our own money)

  • Maintaining a long term focus

  • Assuring we provide value

Defining ExcellenceV. Employee Focus

Excellence is… focusing on our employees.

  • Valuing and respecting each employee

  • Providing open and direct communication with our employees

  • Communicating expectations with our employees

  • Providing training, mentoring, and coaching to help our employees improve their technical competencies, leadership, and interpersonal skills

  • Providing timely and constructive performance evaluations to our employees

  • Rewarding good performance

  • Providing fair compensation through salary and benefit programs

  • Providing equal opportunity for all employees based on qualifications and ability

  • Providing a work environment free of harassment or discrimination

  • Maintaining an environment that maximizes the full potential of our workforce

  • Taking time to proudly celebrate our successes and the successes of others

  • Providing a work environment conducive to quality work

  • Providing the tools necessary to do the job

  • Assuring our work environment is free and remains free of alcohol and drug abuse substances

Defining ExcellenceVI. Integrity and Professionalism

Excellence is… acting with integrity and professionalism.

  • Treating others and conducting business in a manner that fosters mutual respect, cooperation, and productivity

  • Being professionals who take full responsibility for the quality and efficiency of our work and have the same expectations of all members of the team

  • Communicating openly and freely

  • Providing and receiving critique in an open, constructive, and accepting manner

  • Having an open mind

  • Listening to others

  • Continually improving our own technical competence, leadership, and interpersonal skills

  • Building trust in others and being trustworthy

  • Acting proactively and positively within ENERCON and with our clients

  • Being self-critical, admitting and learning from our mistakes and being open to coaching for self-improvement

  • Raising issues to our co-workers, supervisors, and our clients

  • Acting with the highest ethical standards and personal integrity

  • Possessing a winning attitude

  • Accepting team goals and working to achieve them

  • Following the letter and the spirit of the applicable laws, regulations, rules and regulatory orders of every jurisdiction in which ENERCON and our clients operate

  • Leading by example

  • Creating an atmosphere that promotes ethical behavior

  • Acting on the question, “would I want to see it in the headlines tomorrow morning?”

Defining ExcellenceVII. Openness in Conduct of Business

Excellence is… being open with our employees, regulators, and auditors.

  • Communicating to our employees the state of the company and performance

  • Complying with all regulations and law

  • Following the highest standards of business practices

Defining ExcellenceVIII. Nuclear Safety

Excellence is… ensuring nuclear safety.

For our nuclear clients, nuclear safety must be our highest priority. As a contractor to a nuclear facility, we must be the "technical conscience" as we undertake our projects.

  • Recognizing our corporate governance toward safe operation of our clients’ nuclear facilities

  • Assuring our work does not place the plant outside of its design and licensing basis

  • Understanding design margins and ensuring they are properly maintained

  • Assuring compliance with the ENERCON and client Quality Assurance requirements

  • Effectively utilizing our Corrective Action Program. This includes ensuring issues are entered in the Corrective Action Program and issues are effectively resolved to prevent recurrence

  • Maintaining a Safety Conscience Work Environment where employees are free to discuss safety issues without fear of retaliation

Defining ExcellenceIX. Work Safety

Excellence is… ensuring our employees, co-workers, clients, and the general public are protected.

  • Believing the health and safety of people is valued above all else

  • Believing all occupational injuries and illnesses can be prevented through proper planning and attention

  • Believing excellence in safety is vital to achieving excellence in quality, productivity and profitability; they are mutually supportive

  • Assuring safety is an integral part of everything we do

  • Believing safety is mainly the result of attitudes and beliefs of people (most injuries and safety incidents occur because of inattention)

  • Taking personal responsibility towards meeting environmental, health & safety objectives

  • Recognizing that no task is so important that it be performed at the risk of the health and safety of employees, clients, or the general public

  • Not allowing another employee to perform an unsafe activity

Defining ExcellenceX. Environmental Protection

Excellence is… providing solutions to our clients that are protective of the environment and conserve natural resources.

  • Considering sustainable development and careful use of natural resources in our projects and company activities

  • Minimizing the impact to the environment and to provide corrective solutions above and beyond statutory requirements where feasible

  • Meeting all environmental protection rules and regulations