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Facilities Siting, Characterization and Permitting Site Studies and Acquisition

Many international companies are expanding with the need to locate facilities in the US and abroad.  ENERCON is a leader in providing site selection, permitting and environmental characterization  for companies expanding into the global market.  We can assist with all stages of site development from conceptual engineering and siting studies through land acquisition all the way to construction permitting to operational programs and monitoring.  ENERCON offers tailored siting models designed to identify site options within large geographic areas of interest best suited to the needs of the proposed facility – from economic feasibility and environmental impact considerations to trans-boundary, public and non-governmental organization (NGO) reviews.  These siting models can incorporate regional, local and site-specific buffering criteria to quickly exclude fatal-flaws such as geophysical faults, flood zones, public lands or registered historic sites.  Infrastructure criteria can also be incorporated to ensure availability of adequate water supply, worker housing, electrical supply and other utility service.  ENERCON has extensive experience working closely with project developers, specialty sub-contractors, environmental stake-holders and government authorities to ensure that the selected project site is suitable to the business needs of the project and has identified, avoided or mitigated significant environmental impacts.  ENERCON’s in-house combination of engineering expertise and environmental capabilities allow us to shepherd development projects from conception through alternatives analysis, design and permitting to successful completion.  

Services Include:

  • Site selection services including greenfield sites or formerly used facilities (brownfield Sites)
  • Fatal-flaw analysis, corridor routing and environmental site characterization
  • Land and right-of-way acquisition services
  • Trans-boundary reviews, Environmental Assessments (EAs) and localization reviews
  • Environmental justice, demographic and socio-economic studies
  • Archaeological and cultural resource evaluations for greenfield sites or expansion areas
  • Real-estate due diligence and environmental risk management
  • Estimates for remediation of contaminated soil, groundwater, hazardous material removal prior to site re-use
  • Water supply studies, low-flow considerations, groundwater modeling and off-site impacts reviews
  • Off-site hazard and flood hazard modeling
  • Evaluation of Green House Gas emissions, credit needs and permitting for new operations
  • Hazardous waste removal and disposal services required for site re-use
  • Pre-acquisition environmental compliance audits to support financing
  • Environmental protection and site restoration planning and program development