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ENERCON provides a broad set of services to the electric power industry.  Service offerings relate to all aspects of generation, transmission, substation development and management, environmental compliance, and plant infrastructure for assets that include:

Gas Turbines Low/Medium Voltage Switchgear
Other Fossil Power Plants
MCCs and Distribution Panels
Gas Pipelines
Energy Storage Systems

Major Services

Services range from studies and concept development to small engineering projects to large-scale Engineering, Procurement, Construction efforts.

Studies & Concept Development

  1. Generation Configuration Studies
  2. Pipeline Routing Studies
  3. Fuel Blending Optimization
  4. Relay Settings Determination
  5. Haz/Op Reviews
  6. Mass & Energy Balance Evaluations
  7. Transmission/Distribution Line Routing Studies
  8. Fault Current Determinations
  9. Arc Flash Analysis
  10. Storm Water Prevention

Engineering Design

  1. ENERCON engineers perform hundreds of projects involving the full range of primary Balance of Plant components such as:

    1. Piping Systems
    2. Pumps
    3. Fans
    4. Drives
    5. Heat Exchangers
    6. Storage Tanks
    7. Transformers
    8. Switchgears
    9. Motor Control Centers
    10. Conduits, Cable Trays & Duct Banks
    11. PLCs (spell out)
    12. DCS (spell out)
    13. Gas Pipelines
    14. Motors

  2. We work on such systems as:

    1. Cooling Tower Pumps, Fans, and Drives
    2. Chemical Treatment Systems (R/O, Mixed Bed)
    3. Boiler Feedwater Pumps and Drives
    4. Diesel/Gas Emergency & Black-Start Generator Systems

  3. See Our Full Suite of Engineering and Analysis Services 

Environmental Modeling & Permitting

  1. ENERCON provides a full range of environmental services; key elements relevant to the power industry include:

    1. Title V Air Permitting
    2. EPA 316(b) Mitigation Evaluation and Design
    3. Hazardous Effluents Analysis and Mitigation (Particulate, SO2, Nox, Hg)
    4. NEPA Compliance Support

Surveying and Mapping

  1. Aerial Mapping
  2. Digital Ortho-Photography
  3. LiDAR
  4. Bathymetric Surveys
  5. 3D Utility Location
  6. Conventional Surveying - ROW, Construction Surveys, As-Built Surveys

Application to Optimizing Plant Performance

The importance of optimizing performance is to ensure robust economics.  ENERCON can assist in many ways to help make your operations cost effective and resource optimized.

Technology Selection

  1. Heavy Duty Gas Turbine
  2. Steam Turbine
  3. Renewables (Wind & Solar)
  4. Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine
  5. Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine
  6. Battery Storage

Efficiency Improvements

  1. Fuel Heating
  2. Feedwater Heaters

Reliability Improvements

  1. Digital Controls
  2. Exciter Upgrades
  3. LCI

Fuel Options Evaluations

  1. High Ethane
  2. Flare Gas
  3. Dual Fuel
  4. Digester Gas

Output Improvements

  1. Inlet Cooling
  2. Combustion Uprate
  3. Model-Based Control


  1. Inlet Heating
  2. Model-Based Control

Plant Repowering

  1. Coal-to-Gas Repowering
  2. Synch Condenser


  1. Steam
  2. Hot Water
  3. Chilled Water to Process


  1. Black Start

Cost Optimization

  1. Capital versus Operating Cost

Plant Management Support

  1. ENERCON can assist plant operators with a number of supporting services that include:

    1. O&M Procedure Development
    2. Cyber & Physical Security Assessment/Design
    3. Craft Oversight
    4. NERC Regulatory Compliance
    5. Outage Support & Management
    6. Emergency & Storm Response