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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and most states have regulations limiting the disposal of NORM and TENORM material because of the radioactivity hazards they posess. Many landfills also have limits imposed on them regulating what material they are allowed to accept. Companies that have employees exposed to the hazards that NORM and TENORM material present also need to implement health and safety measures to protect their employees and the environment, including providing training to familiarize their staff with the hazard. 

In addition to helping clients comply with NORM and TENORM requirements, ENERCON has provided support for investigation and characterization, work planning, decontamination and materials removal, waste handling, waste packaging, transportation and final status surveys. We have completed management and staff training and have led decontamination efforts in the field. We have worked successfully with both federal and state regulators and have helped many clients in the oil and gas industry with regulatory compliance. 

For additional information, please refer to our NORM/TENORM flyer