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ENERCON has provided extensive support to utilities applying for renewal of their licenses to operate nuclear power plants.  In the US this process generally results in an additional 20 years of commercial operations and is a significant economic boon for the utility, consumers, and the communities near the nuclear power plants.  ENERCON has provided support in evaluating both the potential environmental impact from the proposed license extension, and evaluating the safety of plant systems, structures and components (SSCs).

ENERCON has prepared comprehensive Environmental Reports to support renewal of operating nuclear power plant licenses.  This has included addressing ongoing effects of the plant’s operations on the environment including terrestrial and aquatic ecology, water resources, socio-economic impacts, and impacts from postulated severe accidents.  ENERCON has used the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Generic Environmental Impact Statement on Plant License Renewal as an important input to preparation of these reports.

ENERCON completes detailed analyses of diverse aging mechanisms that can affect safety related or important to safety SSCs.  Such mechanisms include corrosion, fatigue, chemical exposure, radiation exposure, and thermal effects.  ENERCON assists utilities in developing aging management strategies to mitigate potential aging effects during the license renewal period.  ENERCON then provides assistance in developing supporting licensing documents for submittal to the regulatory.

ENERCON provides support to utilities throughout the regulator’s review of the license renewal application.  This includes support for onsite regulator inspections, preparation of responses to regulatory requests for additional information, and participation in public meetings conducted to solicit input on the regulator’s Environmental Impact Assessments.