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ENERCON has substantial experience with a broad range of reactor technologies which provides an exceptional experience base for helping clients select the appropriate reactor technology to meet their unique needs.  ENERCON has developed comprehensive license application documents using information for the Westinghouse AP1000, General Electric ESBWR, and the Mitsubishi USAPWR reactor technology.  ENERCON has provided consulting support for the development of design certification applications for AREVA's EPR, Mitsubishi's US-APWR, KHNP's APR-1400, Babcock and Wilcox's mPower Small Modular Reactor, and NuScale Power's Small Modular Reactor.  ENERCON has also provided consulting support to clients working to deploy the Korean APR-1400, AREVA EPR, Toshiba ABWR, Westinghouse AP1000, and General Electric's ESBWR.  No company has such a broad diversity of experience in working with multiple reactor technologies.

ENERCON can provide support to project developers in completing strategic evaluations of reactor technologies based on the unique needs of each potential project.  ENERCON can also assist clients in developing comprehensive, detailed, technical specifications regarding potential reactor technology addressing diverse technical issues including safety, reliability, fuels, and commercial terms and conditions.  ENERCON can also provide support in evaluating proposals submitted by reactor technology providers based on project-specific requirements and either American or European Utility Requirements Documents.

ENERCON is especially adept at helping clients evaluate risks associated with reactor technology selection.  This can include licensing risks, construction and commissioning risks, fuel cycle risks,  operational, license renewal and decommissioning risks, or other project unique risk factors.  ENERCON has substantial insights into the unique challenges of the international marketplace, including potential risks associated with national strategic interests.