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ENERCON provides a broad range of regulatory support to operating commercial nuclear power plants. This includes preparation of license amendment requests for submittal to the regulator, assistance in responding to generic safety issues, assistance in addressing enforcement issues, and assistance with specialized regulatory issues such as Fukushima response and requests for Power Uprates, Fire Protection and Life Extension.

ENERCON has over 30 years of experience assisting utilities with a broad range of challenging regulatory issues including degraded core hydrogen control, station blackout, post-accident debris blockage of emergency core cooling system suction strainers, and performance issues affecting critical safety and plant support systems such as emergency diesel generators, station service water, and instrument air.

ENERCON is at the forefront with helping utilities respond to the 2011 accident at Japan’s Fukushima Dai Ichi Nuclear Power Plant.  This has included completing extensive site walkdowns to identify vulnerabilities to seismic and flooding hazards, performing new analyzes of possible flooding hazards, and developing strategies for implementing nuclear industry guidelines on flexible response to beyond design basis accidents. ENERCON has also been involved in developing the regulatory submittals for the Fukushima associated US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Orders, associated Requests for Additional Information, and information request responses for seismic, flooding and emergency preparedness.

ENERCON provides support to utilities working to improve regulatory performance, including assessing potential performance issues, developing recommendations for improvement, and supporting implementation of such initiatives.  ENERCON assists with reducing backlogs of open licensing actions, improving licensing processes, and enhancing management of a plant’s licensing basis.