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ENERCON has substantial experience in dealing with a diverse range of generic issues affecting nuclear plant safety including issues associated with the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident, and issues associated with plant operations. ENERCON has been a leader in addressing a broad range of issues associated with the Fukushima accident including diverse sources of emergency core cooling, diverse sources of electrical power supplies, spent fuel pool instrumentation, potential sources of plant flooding, and potential changes in seismic design for operating nuclear power plants.

ENERCON has also helped nuclear power plant operators address many different issues that could affect plant operation including potential blockages of emergency core cooling system suction strainers following design basis accidents, station blackout, hydrogen control following postulated degraded core accidents, degradation of buried piping, monitoring to detect potential releases of tritium that could contaminate groundwater, and degradation of electrical voltage on the power supply grid that could affect emergency safeguard feature equipment.

ENERCON has significant experience in analyzing the potential for existence of generic safety issues, examining the ability of client nuclear power plants to mitigate or cope with the potential safety issue, identifying recommendations to improve coping capacity, and then developing necessary plant modifications or performing required safety analyses to ensure long term safety of plants. ENERCON is particularly well versed in presenting to regulatory agencies the basis for evaluating the safety issue, and demonstrating the ability of a plant to address the identified issue.