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Detailed procedures that are written to the knowledge, skills and abilities of the power plant staff are essential to ensuring that tasks are completed consistently, data is obtained with appropriate quality controls, and that the health and safety of the public are adequately protected. High quality procedures are especially necessary to ensure that safe operations does not rely on individual experts whose experience will eventually be lost through attrition or staff turnover.

ENERCON has current experience in helping clients ensure that existing procedures are updated and upgraded to ensure effective integration of procedures used to address normal operations, off-normal conditions, accidents and transients, and severe accidents. Many of ENERCON'S clients are developing storm hardening programs to mitigate the risk and minimize the duration of an outage.

ENERCON is particularly well suited to help clients develop or enhance operational programs that are necessary to assure safe plant operations. ENERCON can help to improve radiation protection, chemistry, emergency preparedness, fire protection, or various testing programs focused on types of components such as valves, pumps, heat exchangers, batteries, electrical breakers, and emergency diesel generators. ENERCON also helps clients implement new requirements relating to in-service inspection and testing programs mandated by specific design codes such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.