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Utility managers using once-through cooling are concerned about how they will comply with the new Clean Water Act (CWA) 316(b) cooling water rules.  ENERCON has worked with the power industry for decades to find practical, cost effective solutions to regulatory mandates.  We have provided numerous clients with CWA 316(b) support under the highest levels of regulatory and public scrutiny, including highly publicized work for Entergy’s Indian Point nuclear plant. 

ENERCON is the industry leader in evaluation of retrofit cooling system alternatives and providing complete solutions that meet state and federal regulations.  By comparing the cost and cumulative effectiveness for the available impingement and entrainment reduction technologies, ENERCON helps ensure the appropriate compliance solution is selected for the site-specific conditions.

ENERCON provides complete CWA 316(b) compliance services, including technology evaluation, ecological services, cooling system design, cost-benefit analyses, large component and plant siting, thermal discharge solutions, regulatory negotiations, permitting, and environmental compliance.