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ENERCON is committed to building long term relationships with our clients. Our first four clients remain among our largest clients today. Based on consistently meeting and exceeding client expectations, ENERCON has grown into a major firm supporting a broad range of clients and services.

ENERCON in 1983

ENERCON was founded in 1983 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and got its start in supporting startup and operations of nuclear power plants. From three people and four clients, the company quickly grew to a diversified, multi-disciplined company with a solid reputation for innovation, excellence, responsiveness, and commitment to partnership with its clients.

In 1984, ENERCON opened its first new office in Atlanta, Georgia to improve the company's ability to provide services in the Southeast. ENERCON has subsequently opened additional domestic and international offices to provide technical resources and sales support to clients from California to New Jersey and Belgium to the United Arab Emirates.

In 1989, the company expanded its portfolio of services to include environmental and industrial services for a broad range of clients. ENERCON's work in the environmental services sector was a logical outgrowth of the company's proven track record of helping utilities comply with complex regulations governing nuclear power plant operations. ENERCON successfully applied its understanding of high-hazard activities and sophisticated technology along with a commitment to cost effective problem solutions to a new group of clients.

In 1992, ENERCON created an Employee Stock Ownership Program to maximize the incentive to the company's employees to provide outstanding value and service to our clients. Today, the employees own 100% of the stock in the company and accordingly have a direct financial stake in assuring that each project meets client needs and expectations.

In 1992, ENERCON made a significant management commitment to support local, state, and federal government agencies in their missions of meeting the diverse needs of their constituents. ENERCON brought its extensive experience in the private sector to the public sector and quickly developed a reputation for applying the best and most innovative management practices and processes to the needs of its public sector clients.

In 2005, ENERCON led the industry with creation of a new division, New Plant Services, to focus on deployment of new nuclear plants. This division provides services relating to strategic planning, plant siting, site characterization, site permitting, plant design and license application development. In the last several years, New Plant Services has supported more than ten utilities with new plant projects. They prepared an Early Site Permit for Entergy's Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, and prepared Combined Operating License Applications for Entergy's Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, TVA's Bellefonte Nuclear Station, and Duke Power's William States Lee nuclear plant. ENERCON also supported development of a COL application for Luminant's Comanche Peak nuclear plant.

Over the next several years ENERCON took on an increasingly challenging range of projects throughout the United States. In Oklahoma, ENERCON provided extensive support for cleanup of a former refinery site near Cushing, Oklahoma. In California, ENERCON provided extensive design services for new facilities to store spent nuclear fuel at an operating nuclear power plant and a shutdown nuclear power plant with stringent requirements to meet complex earthquake design criteria. In Ohio, ENERCON provided extensive engineering expertise to support the restart of a nuclear power plant shutdown to address operational and regulatory issues. In Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, ENERCON helped nuclear power plant operators study ways to increase electrical output from their plants.

In 2010, ENERCON once again broadened its capabilities to further serve the needs of its clients. The Birmingham office was expanded and redefined to not only provide service and support to our nuclear clients, but to also serve as the center of the Process & Industrial Services Division. With the acquisition of a group of 45 engineers, designers, architects, project managers, and field personnel, the Process & Industrial Services Division represents over 800 years of combined experience in the Chemical & Process, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, and General Manufacturing markets. ENERCON has provided support to clients in disaster recovery, automation controls programming, design engineering, and feasibility studies.

In the past 3 years we have become the premier provider of Engineering and Environmental Services to the nuclear industry. We now have Engineer of Choice contracts at 80% of the nuclear plants in the U.S. commercial nuclear fleet. Our excellent reputation is now recognized worldwide for providing high quality, cost effective services. Our capability, experience and size allows us to make a significant expansion into the international market and achieve substantial growth on the Federal side. It also allows us to open and establish new business lines in the Power Delivery, Oil and Gas, and Industrial markets.

ENERCON is committed to building long term relationships with our clients. Our first four clients remain among our largest clients today. Based on consistently meeting and exceeding client expectations, ENERCON has grown into a major firm supporting a broad range of clients and services.

  • 1983

    ENERCON officially opens for business March 28, 1983. Headquartered in Broken Arrow OK.

  • 1984

    ENERCON expands to Atlanta and opens its second office.

  • 1987

    Our early years were dominated by staff augmentation contracts and licensing support to address BWR6/Mark III containment issues.

  • 1989

    Our services expand to include Environmental and Industrial Services.

  • 1992

    ENERCON creates an Employee Stock Ownership Program and becomes an Employee-Owned Company.

  • 2000

    ENERCON opens NJ office by hiring 40 nuclear utility employees following GPU’s sale of TMI and Oyster Creek nuclear plants.

  • 2005

    New Plant Services is created to focus on deployment of new nuclear plants.

  • 2007

    All of ENERCON’s Divisions participate in the completion of 4 new nuclear plant Combined Operating License Applications (COLA).

  • 2012

    ENERCON acquires Talisman International of Washington, DC, a high-level nuclear regulatory consulting firm.

  • 2013

    MARACOR Technical Services, Inc. of Middletown, MD joins ENERCON as a high-end technical analysis and software development company supporting the nuclear industry.

  • 2014

    ENERCON acquires TRI-COUNTY Engineering of New Stanton, PA, an advanced engineering and environmental services company.

  • 2015

    ENERCON expands to 30 offices with over 1,500 employees.