ENERCON partnered with an energy and construction firm to perform dismantlement and decommissioning of an Information Technology Center located in Princeton Junction, New Jersey. The Technology Center has operated as an industrial site since the 1940s, first manufacturing electronic switching devices for military applications and more recently researching, manufacturing, and testing Minitrons and Pulsed Neutron Generators (PNG) for use in oil-field applications to characterize conditions in exploratory and production wells. Tritium is the primary isotope of concern for this facility, though the Technology Center has also used other sealed sources such as Americium-241 (Am-241) and Cesium-137 (Cs-137), and others, in research, testing, and manufacturing.

ENERCON provided technical support and oversight of the project including a Characterization Plan and a Decommissioning Plan (DP) to demonstrate and document radiological conditions at the time of license termination and ensure they meet or exceed applicable NJDEP and federal regulations for radiological exposure. Technical support and oversite also included waste management, operational procedures, client and regulatory interface, implementing procedures, radiological surveys, radiation dose tracking, and health and safety responsibilities.

Following demolition and site restoration, ENERCON completed a Final Status Survey (FSS) to support termination of the radioactive license. FSS was executed in accordance with guidance provided in the Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM).

Following completion of the FSS, ENERCON prepared a Final Status Survey Report that was submitted to NJDEP who subsequently terminated of the radioactive material license and granted an unrestricted release of the facility for future use.

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