ENERCON was chosen by a University in New York as the facilitator for their Research Center License Decommissioning process and NRC license termination. ENERCON was responsible for development of the Historical Site Assessment.  Based on that document ENERCON developed the Characterization Plan and implemented the requirements of the plan. Based on the results of the Characterization data, ENERCON prepared the Decommissioning Plan.  ENERCON provided oversight for the Decommissioning Program development and activities associated with the actual BNRC demolition. Post facility demolition, ENERCON developed and implemented the Final Status Survey (FSS) Program; and submitted the FSS Report to the NRC for approval and license termination.

All phases of decommissioning were managed by ENERCON which was completed in 2016.  The site was restored to a greenfield for unrestricted use.  The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission terminated the license in 2018.

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