ENERCON has provided technical support for an American Electric & Manufacturing Company’s nuclear facility in Madison, PA, for many years.  As part of our support, ENERCON provided technical support for decommissioning of their nuclear facility.  The objective of the work was to provide dose assessment and related information to aid our client in developing a course of action for the facility.  ENERCON prepared a dose assessment and developed derived concentration guideline limits (DCGLs).  We also performed sensitivity analysis to identify those parameters that have the greatest effect on the DCGLs.  This analysis identified parameters for which additional site-specific data collection may be appropriate.  Information developed during the project was used to define source terms for this evaluation.  DCGLs applicable to the stream were calculated based on the DCGLs for the farm and contaminant dilution assumptions.  We prepared estimates of the volume of soil that would require excavation based upon the DCGLs developed under the most restrictive modeling scenario.

Additional projects for this client include:

  • G-Building Laboratories Remediation
  • Decommissioning Cost Estimate Updates
  • Retired Facilities Characterization
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