Advanced Nuclear Outlook

It would be an understatement to say that 2021 was an exciting year for advanced reactors in the US. TerraPower-GE Hitachi and X-Energy’s flagship ARDP demonstration designs have found their respective homes in Kemmerer, WY and Richland, WA. The DoD’s Project Pele has down-selected to BWXT and X-Energy designs of mobile microreactors. Kairos is making […]

NRC Public Meeting Photo from NRC website resized
Advanced Reactor Stakeholder Public Meeting

An early topic in the meeting was related to the status of the advanced reactor generic environmental impact statement and rulemaking. The proposed rule package is publicly available and is with the NRC Commission for review and vote. If the Commission votes to approve, there will be a 75-day public comment period. The rulemaking information […]

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